Review of Thursday at LCA14 – “Team Day”

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LCA14 on Thursday was unofficially themed “Team Day”.  Unlike the other days of Connect Asia, Thursday did not begin with a keynote, instead we decided to have a lively panel discussion on “Best Practices working in a Distributed Environment”.  The panel discussed how Linaro operates with people spread over 30 different countries; including best practices to communicate with a global team, staying motivated and handling distractions.

Once the panel discussion concluded it was on to the sessions of the day.  The sessions included some topic areas not covered earlier in the week such as Testing a secure framework, GPGPU, Big Endian, Chromium optimization and profiling. We did not stream out our sessions live on Thursday but don’t worry we do have the presentations from most of the sessions below.  Along with sessions there was also all day hacking in the team rooms.  This was to let teams have some extra time in the week to get together and accomplish some of the goals they set out at the beginning of the week.

Finally, as mentioned in yesterday’s blog, on Wednesday was 12964345785_25fdc34be4Linaro’s “Bond Themed” gala.  The evening gave everyone a chance to get in on the fun of dressing as their favorite Bond character.  We had many beautiful bond girls and dapper James Bond’s at the event, along with a few villains and some “inventive” costumes.  There was a backdrop to the movies to help get into the action.  Below are some of the images from that night.

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Below are the available presentations from Thursday.

LCA14-401: BoF – Networking – Debug/tracing/counter Download slides
LCA14-402: Build your Own Toolchains Download slides
LCA14-403: Importance of migrating external projects used in Android to it’s latest version  Download slides
LCA14-405: Creating test plan (workshop) Download slides
LCA14-407: Deploying Runtime PM on ARM SOCs Download slides
LCA14-411: GDB Status & Improvements Download slides
LCA14-412: GPGPU on ARM SoC session Download slides
LCA14-417: mmap, allocators & sharing buffers: userland perspective Download slides
LCA14-416: Big Endian – where are we? Download slides
LCA14-418: Testing a secure framework Download slides

As always if you are unable to attend you can participate remotely and by watching sessions via the Google +Linaro On Air  or YouTube accounts.  There will be links to the live stream in each session descriptions.   For more information on Remote Participation please visit the Linaro Connect website.

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