Kernel Test Engineer

Kernel Test Engineer

As a Kernel Test Engineer, you will be performing validation duties that may span the entire Linux Kernel and Linux OS / Android OS stacks.  You will be expected to independently research requirements, write and execute test cases, work closely with the technical lead and engineers to develop a comprehensive quality plan, write automation scripts, create and report on quality metrics and collaborate closely with Linux Kernel developers and maintainers.


  • Ownership and execution of the kernel test plans; effectively using manual and automation test strategies
  • Identify gaps in a test plan, perform the necessary research and address the issues
  • Identify and then drive the failure analysis and resolution of complex automation and/or kernel anomalies

Essential skills:

  • Experience in embedded-system product development and test strategies
  • Demonstrated experience creating test plans and creating tests for automation
  • Ability to accurately identify system failures and likely causes during log-file analysis
  • Experience submitting bug reports and working with development teams to resolve issues.
  • Experience with a variety of tools; Jenkins, Buildbot, Jira, Git/Gerrit
  • Excellent English language skills, both written and verbal


  • Experience being convincing enough to get patches and bugs accepted into open source projects
  • Experience submitting and reviewing upstream patches
  • Familiarity with open source test software projects; ltp, etc…
  • Demonstrated upstream development contributions and comfortable working remotely
  • History of Linux Kernel contributions
  • Experience shipping Linux-based embedded-systems
  • Experience using Linaro LAVA to perform system verification
  • Good understanding of OS internal concepts (virtual memory, interrupts, etc)
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