Kernel Test Development Engineer

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As part of the Power Management Working Group’s efforts to improve validation of power management features you will analyze several kernel frameworks and associated drivers in order to develop tests and benchmarks for them. The tests will help in finding regressions in the Linux kernel while the benchmarks will allow us to track performance of the kernel. This work will include:

  • Working with PMWG kernel engineers to define testing requirements
  • Develop test code (both user and kernel code)
  • Analysis of system behavior to spot problems and working with other engineers to find solutions
  • Work with our LAVA testing team to integrate tests into Linaro’s continuous integration loop

Desired Skills and Knowledge:

  • Excellent English language skills, both written and verbal
  • Experience with system level programming in multiple languages (shell, C, python, etc.)
  • Good understanding of OS internal concepts (virtual memory, interrupts, task behavior, etc.)
  • Good understanding of various tracing tools (ftrace, perf, kernelshark, etc.)
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