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The System Trace Macrocell (STM) is a component found on many modern ARM SOCs that allows for aggregation of debug messages from various IP blocks on a single set of physical pins. There are various STM implementations from different SOC vendors along with different software protocols used to encapsulate data from the kernel. Linaro’s KWG is looking for a very senior kernel engineer to consolidate these different implementations, coordinating with Linaro member and upstream kernel engineers.

This work will entail:

  • Studying existing STM implementations from Linaro member companies
  • Gathering requirements from member engineers
  • Developing new code and iterating through implementations based on
  • community and member feedback.
  • Developing a user space library for interfacing with underlying kernel driver

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Extremely strong English language and technical communication skills
  • Experience working with diverse cultures
  • Experience working in a self-directed research-oriented environment.
  • Knowledge of STM highly desired
  • Experience using ftrace would be ideal
  • Solid understanding of Linux user/kernel interface design (ioctls,
  • debugfs, sysfs, etc).
  • Network protocol development experience desired but not necessary
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